CFD Expiration Dates

Expiration of a CFD on the MetaTrader platform

On the MetaTrader platform, each CFD instrument has an expiration date.

CFD positions are not tradable beyond the contract expiry date and do not roll over.

  • Clients will be able to close their CFD positions until this expiration date.
  • Approximately 3-5 days before expiring, a new CFD based on the next future contract will begin trading and become available to open new positions.
  • During this period, no new positions can be opened in the expiring CFD contract.
  • Positions not closed by clients by this expiration date will be closed automatically by ExonFX Dealing Desk at the last available price.

Expiration Dates

The Expiration Dates of contracts depend on the instrument you are trading. Upcoming CFD Expiration Dates are as follows:

Instrument Rollover Date
JB10Y-MAR13 06/03/2013
EB10Y-MAR13 06/03/2013
NK225-MAR13 06/03/2013
COCO-MAR13 06/03/2013
SBEAN-MAR13 07/03/2013
WHEAT-MAR13 07/03/2013
CORN-MAR13 07/03/2013
RICE-MAR13 07/03/2013
COFFE-MAR13 11/03/2013
IBEX-MAR13 14/03/2013
CAC40-MAR13 14/03/2013
OMXS-MAR13 14/03/2013
AEX-MAR13 14/03/2013
DJEXX-MAR13 14/03/2013
DJ30-MAR13 14/03/2013
DAX30-MAR13 14/03/2013
FTSE-MAR13 14/03/2013
SP500-MAR13 14/03/2013
NSDQ-MAR13 14/03/2013
RUSS-MAR13 14/03/2013
MIB-MAR13 14/03/2013
SMI-MAR13 14/03/2013
WIG-MAR13 14/03/2013
VIX-MAR13 18/03/2013
TN10Y-MAR13 18/03/2013
TB30Y-MAR13 18/03/2013
CL-APR13 19/03/2013
JSE-MAR13 19/03/2013
ASX-MAR13 20/03/2013
NGAS-APR13 25/03/2013
COPP-MAR13 25/03/2013
PALLA-MAR13 25/03/2013
GLT-L-MAR13 25/03/2013
HANG-MAR13 26/03/2013
MSCIT-MAR13 27/03/2013
NIFTY-MAR13 27/03/2013