CFD Trading

CFD Trading

Why Trade CFDs with ExonFX Gold Gold?

ExonFX Gold Gold offers leveraged trading on almost every financial instrument. Trading CFDs is a simple and instantaneous trading option, with no commission on all instruments.

Commodities are products and precious metals Indices are global stock exchanges
Oil DJ 30
Silver S&P 500
Sugar CAC 40
Corn DAX 30
Wheat FTSE
Soybean NIKKEI

Visit CFD Trading Conditions for a full list of instruments.

CFD Trading Advantages

Product Diversity

Gain exposure to different markets and profit from multiple types of trading conditions

Low Margin Requirement

Take advantage of 2% – 5% margins; use leverage of up to 100:1

High Liquidity

Trade with competitive spreads; bid/ ask quotes are always filled without delay

No Commission

This is commission-free CFD Trading

Explore all the Stock Indices and Commodities offered by ExonFX Interested in trading precious metals? Trade Gold and Silver or Learn more about Crude Oil Trading!